Rates and Fees

Our Cost

A non-refundable evaluation charge is assessed when a drive is received at ID-DR labs.  Our technicians will thoroughly inspect the drive for any errors and inconsistencies. Once the evaluation is completed a representative from ID-DR will contact you with an estimate for data recovery and/or repair. Upon request a sample data file can be sent for verification of data integrity.

The fees for data recovery will vary by the nature and situation of the hard drive’s working condition. We have a “size does not matter mentality” i.e., we have the tools and power to handle large GB and TB data recoveries.*

Examples of our costs can be seen here by visiting our DR Tier Level price guide.

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Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is to provide our clients with the best possible price and dedication for all services provided.  Customer satisfaction is our focus.

Upon recovery of data the evaluation fee will be removed from the final invoiced amount on hard drives only – solid state drives have special pricing for evaluations. Please note data recovery is not 100% guaranteed but ID-DR will use all available resources for all services. If we are not able to recover the data, then the drive will be returned in a timely manner.

*Larger drives, type of damage, and availability of donor parts may delay the data recovery process.