Our Process

Steps to the road to recovery:.

Step 1: To send a data recovery to our lab for processing, please click here to fill out our online Intake form and to pay our non refundable evaluation fee of $50 (credited back into final bill if your data recovery attempt is successful).

Step 2: Print the completed Intake form, place in the box, and package your recovery well i.e. hard drives are already fragile and in your drives current state – please ensure you wrap the drive up well for its safe journey to our labs.

Step 3: Send all data recoveries to:

Information Delivery & Data Recovery Services, LLC.

(NOTE: this is our newest location below as of May 4th 2022).
250 Julian Pond Lane
Kernersville, NC 27284
LAB/Message: (607) 259-3722
Email: info@ID-Dr.com

  • When the drive is received, ID-DR will assess the damage thoroughly and contact via preferred method with an estimate of work.
  • If your drive falls into the 5% realm that donors are usually needed, a donor drive will be required for parts to fix your drive. All prices will be communicated prior to start of work.  PLEASE do not send us a “donor” drive with your broken drive.
  • After an estimate of work has been customer authorized, ID-DR will continue with the data recovery process.
  • Once completed, a sample data file can be sent to customer for data validation and verification.
  • We will then send you the data on a transfer drive of customer’s preference; flash drive, CD, or external drive – Note if you send a data transfer drive – we will charge a $45 fee to transfer the data. If you buy a transfer drive from us, then we waive that fee.
  • Return shipping is passed on at this point as well. Return shipping varies due to location and weight.
  • ID-DR provides an additional benefit of storing recovered data for 60 days on our state of the art and fire walled (behind a Dell Sonic wall) secure network storage infrastructure at no extra cost.  ID-DR provides this service for future recovery and organization.

To get started on your Data Recovery or Digital Forensics Analysis/Recovery today contact us via phone, chat, or e-mail, and start the process to re-own your data today!

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