Digital Forensics

ID-DR provides digital forensics services whether you are trying to prove innocence or legal guilt – we work both sides of the legal fence for the following services (but not limited to).

  • New York State Private Investigator’s License. UID#: 11000192051 – Digital Forensics Division -001.
  • Provide forensically sound images preserving the MD5 and Sha1 hash using professional write-blockers that verifies their integrity and consistency.
  • Provide professional forensic reporting and analysis for your case which is documented and indexed – we currently hold certifications with A.C.E AccessData FTK (Forensics Tool Kit) and X-PERT certification for X-Ways forensics.
  • Trained alongside FBI field agents and members of the DOD and DOJ agencies.
  • Malware Forensics: Investigating and analyzing malicious code.
  • Reverse Engineering: Malicious code (not only do we tell you what you were attacked with, but we actually tell you what it did on your compromised environment).
  • Hunting for malicious activity in the system registries – server and individual systems on networks.
  • IDS (Intrusion Detection Software) and IPS (Intrusion Prevention Software).
  • Expert witness status – we have testified in court, prepared reports that were entered as evidence in court, i.e., Grand Jury hearing’s (capitol murder cases), Civil hearings (wrongful death suits), and matrimonial (prenuptial violations evidence collection).
  • Cell Phone and Tablet Digital Forensics Services available as well. We have our own Cellebrite UFED 4 PC and IEF Artifact finder software that ties in with our Forensics software generating professional digital forensics reports that are approved mediums in the court of law.
  • Cell phone and tablet unlock services (we don’t unlock the phones to work on other carriers networks, we unlock them if the pass-codes are unknown). Call ahead to see if your phone or tablet is compatible with this service.
  • We work on all operating and file systems including mobile technology.
  • Professional degrees in Digital Forensics from accredited universities and private schools – Rutgers University – NJ, Elmira College – Elmira NY, and TC3 (Tompkins County Community College) Ithaca, NY.

For forensic data recoveries include a note with your drive and paperwork indicating that it is a “Forensics” case for procedural care.  Write blockers and documentation are needed for all forensics data recoveries.

Special pricing is charged for these services as well. Please send an e-mail to for a price quote today! Also – professional references are available upon request (due to confidentiality agreements we are under we can not mention exact details on the cases we worked but we can mention what we did in brief terms and give names and numbers to confirm that we did testify in court, prepared reports, and conducted the said activities).