DR Tier Level Program

Our data recovery costs do vary, but to keep easier data recoveries more affordable to our customers and more complicated data recoveries separated out, we have developed the following Tier Level pricing program. Remember – you shouldn’t have to be extorted for thousands of dollars by the big “Million Dollar Data Recovery” corporations to re-own your data again!

Note:  A Credit Authorization form for the evaluation fee must be sent in with the Data Recovery Intake Form.

Tier Level 1: $200 to $400. These are base Data Recoveries that are complicated from a PC repair technician, but handled easily on our advanced data recovery platform i.e., bios does not post the drive or it shows up briefly in OS then disappears (cant image drive due to ID errors or dirty volume (advanced viral infections – MBR corruptions)). 80% of drives fall into this Tier Level.

Tier Level 2: $400 to $600. These are more complicated issues that usually take a very long time to image, i.e., firmware issues or corruptions – (extremely long read times), but still no physical repair needs to be done to the drive or device – mainly logical repairs or firm-ware corrections. Almost all new USB external hard drives will fall into this Tier – mostly Western Digital. 15% of drives fall into this Tier level.

Tier Level 3: $600 to $800. Still falls under Tier 2 scenario, but this drive would most likely involve donor parts to get the drive working again and our clean air-flow work bench, i.e. head swaps, platter swap, motor repair, PCB Board (U12 chip-off procedure). 5% of drives fall into this Tier. NOTE: donor drive is an extra cost that usually ranges between $30—$400 a donor drive and some projects require 2 to 3 donor drives to get closer to a 100% successful data recovery (cost of donor are driven on availability or rarity – if we have your donor drive in our extensive donor drive inventory, it will be free – a benefit we pass on to our customers).

Flash Recoveries: All flash data recoveries, i.e., SD Cards, Thumb Drives, Pen Drives, or SIM Cards, $250 for logical recoveries. If a Physical recovery (meaning we have to fix it and get it to work again) we charge for donor parts, shipping costs to and from our distributors, and transfer media. No: we do not have the capabilities to do monolithic data recovers now.  E-mail us and we can provide a list of extremely qualified monolithic data recovery engineers that we know and trust.

Cell Phone/Tablet Recoveries: Logical – accidental delete, OS corruption or phone/tablet bootloops. All Cell phone logical recoveries start at $500 Physical recoveries, water damage, fried boards, chip off’s and rooting are priced at $800. An additional fee for donor parts and shipping will be assessed at the time of recovery since most donor parts for these items can be pricey and vary in price and availability. We own both Flash Extractor by ACE Laboratories and Cellebrite 4 PC UFED – we do all our own recoveries in house and do not outsource any of them to other data recovery vendors.  A Credit Authorization form for the evaluation fee must be sent in with the Data Recovery Intake Form.

Evaluation Fee: A non-refundable $50 Evaluation fee is assessed on all Data Recovery jobs paid upfront before any work is conducted. NOTE: on Raid Recoveries (an array of disks that work together as a single drive), are per drive in the array – with an evaluation cost for each of drives in the array. If your recovery is successful, we will apply the $50 X’s number of drives in your array for the evaluation back to your final bill so you do not loose out on payment (a benefit we pass on to our customers). A Credit Authorization form for the evaluation fee must be sent in with the Data Recovery Intake Form.

Raid Recoveries: Note: With a Raid recovery scenario – it usually looks like this – if you have a RAID 0 Stripped with 4 drives we charge our tier pricing schedule per drive with 4 evaluation fees since we need to know why your raid failed and why it went down – each drive is carefully inspected.  Then we will have to fix the drive(s) that degraded from the array (usually head crashes or firmware issues), image all the drives associated with  the array, digitally reassemble the raid via software as 1 logical drive, then extract your data logically. We do not rebuild your array and send the raid back to you – we just rebuild your raided data and send your data back to you on a single drive – usually an USB 3.0 External Hard Drive.  A Credit Authorization form for the evaluation fee must be sent in with the Data Recovery Intake Form.

Transfer MediaIf your data is small enough to fit on a low or high density DVD disk (between 5-8 GB) we will send your data back on that to reduce costs at $20 per disk (plus tax). If you require larger density media storage i.e., a thumb drive 16 GB $24.95 32 GB $39.95 (*plus tax). If your recovery is larger than the capacity of thumb drives – we do have USB external or internal hard drives for re-sale but prices change often, so we will quote you a price for them at the time of your data transfer.  A Credit Authorization form for the evaluation fee must be sent in with the Data Recovery Intake Form.

Return Shipping: All customers must pay for return shipping before any drives or data is sent back. Once your recovery is finished, we will contact you with total cost with the shipping fees added to final bill.

  • Chemung county tax rate – .08%

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