Data Recovery

Hard drive failure is an inescapable reality in the modern business world and a reality of your personal life. Whether due to human error, software corruption or other causes most firms will face incidents of lost data through hard drive failure. Whether your a business man/woman, student, gamer, social “networking” butterfly, soccer mom, or grandma/grandpa – the real fact is that none of us can escape the fate of loosing our precious data.

Our calculations indicate that on average a single data loss incident will cost an organization $2,900, the majority of which is measured as lost productivity. Lost data can lead to costly downtime for sales and marketing and reduced customer service while customer databases are restored or rebuilt. Lost financial data can lead to lost contracts and stock value, or worse. An interesting study by Datamonitor found that as many as one-third of IT decision-makers believes that a major data loss incident at their firm could lead to bankruptcy (Datamonitor, 2007).

Our Services include the following:

Data Recovery Laptop/Desktop IDE or SATA Hard Drives:

ID-DR will remove the hard drive from the laptop or desktop machine at no extra cost. This procedure will likely double or triple shipping costs to and from ID-DR. If you are local to ID-DR then a representative will pick the machines up free of charge within a 20 mile radius.

Additional charges may apply if a donor drive is required for date recovery.* These scenarios may occur about 20% of all drive recovery cases. ID-DR has a large donor drive inventory but in some cases of availability and rarity the drive may need a donor we do not have in our inventory. In this case we will seek out and locate a match for defective drive. If this is the case then ID-DR will contact you immediately for further authorization costs.

USB Memory Sticks and Solid State Drive Chipsets (SSD)

A typical recovery on a USB memory stick, SD Card, or SSD will vary in costs depending on the damage.  While in some cases they are as easy as repairing a burnt fuse or TVS-diode and putting it back on the board or swapping a ROM chip from a failed PCB to a donor PCB (Printed Circuit Board).

We now own the SSD add-on (Solid State Drive) PC3000 utility UDMA from ACE Laboratory – supporting up to over 8 different chip-sets offering a more comprehensive and success rate for these very complicated recoveries – please call us for a quote if you have a SSD drive that has failed recently to see if your drive is supported (new chip-sets are added every 12 mos release – so if we don’t have it now – it does not mean your chip-set will not be supported down the road) i.e., Note: these cases are quoted on a case by case scenario – usually no donor parts are needed to repair your drive to get it functioning again to retrieve your data from the failed SSD – so if you call or email us and tell us the manufacturer, model number, and the firmware version – we will be able to give you the best quote possible for a recovery.

We also beat our competitors pricing, so if you have a solid quote from another data recovery company and it is lower from our quote, we will beat it by $200 no questions (a bill or estimate will have to be sent in from the data recovery company to ensure the quote is legitimate). Rest assured – ID-DR has the techniques and experience to effectively recover as much data as possible.

Raid 0 or Raid 5 Recoveries

Raid array recoveries are a specialized data recovery service we provide.  Due to the size, nature, and the difficulty of this type of recovery time and space will be required. In most cases drives will have to be imaged, the array digitally reassembled, then extracted as a final image. Physically damaged drives will be rebuilt in our clean room environment. We do not rebuild your raid array i.e. we will just rebuild your lost data.

Specializing in G-RAID mini and G-RAID Recoveries: Attention mac users or videographers!!!
We support the following Mac OSX systems – ask us for pricing and recovery rates. Our raid prices are the same for these types of recoveries. For example: If you have a G RAID mini or G-RAID on a Raid 0 stripped, 2 X 750 GB Hard drives, and then the cost of recovery is per drive based on our Tier Level pricing schedule (visit our Tier Level Pricing sheet today).

  • G-Raid Mini
  • G-Raid
  • G-Raid with Thunderbolt
  • G-Speed Pro es
  • G-Dock ev

*A donor drive is a matching drive that can be used for parts to physically repair a drive. Donor drives must be an exact match.